January almost finally over day!

Today’s destination = rail trail walking towards the airport.  Selected because it’s a paved path, we’re giving our “slipping & sliding” reactions a break.

On the way I spot more wildlife, a coyote who jumped upon its prey; likely a mouse.  I have such an eagle eye!

I think I may be a wildlife specialist

On the trail, no snow and flat as can be.  Start at 

A horse farm, Fort Socs,  on the side of the trail

Gotta love the outhouse

Next up!  Man in cherry picker cutting branchesDucks!

Allan was disappointed there were no Jeeps to duck yesterday, none where we parked today either.  Hopefully there will be one when we get back.

    Mile or rather kilometer marker       Dreary but pretty

Welcome to the Kelowna Airport KLW

Next marker                                   Would love to see an aircraft crossing here

This is where the little guys park   

Our favourite plane.  It has been in this exact spot since we arrived here in October.  There has only been one time we drove by that it wasn’t here.  We do wonder what the red things on the propellers are.

Spot the puppy     

How BC decorates electrical boxes 

Heading back   

                       Bear warnings everywhere 

UBC Kelowna Campus, imagine all the day dreaming you can do looking out those windows

Back home it’s

Drinking this   

Results in     Guess what Allan is doing

                        Happy end of the weekend! 


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