June 09, 2021 Hectic Kamloops Day

I wake up before my alarm, I’m not a really good sleeper at the best of times.  I shower/dress, wake Allan.  We are on the road by 8.  We like to arrive at 820ish to avoid the 8a line ups. 

This was our best experience.  We breeze right in, there is almost no one in the store.  We finish up super quick, head back to Bailey to unload.

Off again now to (to return some mouse poison, we couldn’t get the trap to open to insert the poison), yes sadly and inexplicably we still have mice.  Did one manage to catch a ride from Sicamous?  A mystery! We still have some of the original poison, hopefully enough to get rid of them.   

We  make a few purchases, now off to explore downtown Kamloops.   We walk around a bit before heading for lunch at Kelly O’Bryan’s.  Food and service were great!

With full bellies, we head to Riverside Park. 

What’s that on the hill?  We can’t make it out, looks like a hole-y building.  Allan uses his new 30x zoom on his cell…Still no clue, another mystery.

Sightseeing done, we head back at about 2.   So many trains here.

Allan is so excited to FINALLY seen a bear!  Looks like he’s scratching his elbow!!   Better than looking at us!!!





An observant eye will have noticed the metal stake behind the bear 🙂

We decided to go to    to see a bear!  We saw 4 Allan is happy.

Bear, sad he just wants out   He continually walked the fence line. 

Some of the others there 

I have waaayyy more photos but will not bore you with them. LOL

We had a big, action packed day!  Ended up with more than 17,000 steps! Time to rest up for our drive to Lac la Hache.  Hoping the mouse/mice stay in Kamloops!

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  1. I took a small tinfoil pan with a piece of rag soaked in ammonia and placed where signs of mice in the bays. Have been doing this for a few years and no sign of any rodents. I also buy huge jars of cayenne pepper at Costco and sprinkle under the edge of motorhome when parked for any length of time.

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