June 30th, will the slide go in???

After a coffee, Allan fires Bailey to give the slide yet another go.   I’m holding my breath.

Reset, sync, in!  The sync YouTube was suggested on yesterday’s FB post.

The slide moves, a bit in, a bit out (the re-sync process).  Allan,   working the control, in & out a few more times and then…

No more hooters, the slide is in!!  Ever since we booked Prince Rupert I had a feeling we would not make it there.  The slide almost made that happen.  Our living space has shrunk, our sense of relief has grown 🙂

Now it’s Bob turn


Tail light is back to normal.  Allan ROCKS!

The jobs never end.  Refill the ammonia containers, happy to say/hate to jinx, we have not seen any more poop.

Now the question?? Do we attempt to exend the slide, or live in, our more cozy  quarters till we arrive in a town with mobile service.   I vote for cozy.  Allan is on the fence.  We decide we’ll call the slide manufacturer and get their opinion.  The error code was 5 red flashes, one green indicating a “Major” error.  They suggest, “leave it in until you have it serviced”.  Our guess, it will work as it should when it is in for service.

The water in this park has an after taste, heading to town to buy bottled.  Rain is much needed after the abnormally high temperatures. 

Look!  We now have a room divider

Best time of the day…Fire time                           

The neighbour pops over to say “Getting in your last fire!”   Us “Last fire, no many more to come”.   “Not with the fire ban” he says.  Wait what?

Google.  True enough the ban went into effect today at noon, till October 15th.  Draw back from listening to Sirius is you don’t get local news.

Must admit we burned more wood than normal.




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