March 27 finally here! Tim Nutt day

Tim Nutt, comedian, is doing a show in Lake Country.  The show has a twist!  It’s a stay in your vehicle event  First ever in this park, parking lot! While waiting for Allan I hear a loud roar, out the window but what do I see??   “Allan, hurry come see”  This is the loudest, most black, largest plane we’ve seen.  Military?  They would not be able to sneak up on anything.

Out on our walk, we spot the ideal Jeep to duck.  This Jeep is a real “Jeeper”

He even has the Jeep wave sticker.

Duck #27

Leaving the park we see this vehicle

Onwards… Entering the park              the instructions   

When purchasing ticket they did ask to not come in large vehicles or with roof racks.   This “wanker” is, apparently, exempt Exciting, a live performance   

       The stage

The act..  whoops that video didn’t make this is all I got  Ending

Back at Bailey, yahoo the awning lights work!

Fire time!

My fire god!!  A wonderful end of a day 🙂

5 thoughts on “March 27 finally here! Tim Nutt day”

    1. Hi there. Thinking about full timing and wondering what you use for internet
      Looks like you had a great time this winter. We are older than you but tired of caring for our property. We’ve travelled lots in the past and miss the freedom. We’ve had one phizer shot and have no idea when we will get the second one. One of our neighbours is interested in buying our place and with the prices high it seems a good time to bail. Our motorhome is a2008 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 35 feet. Any suggestions welcome.

      1. While we are not actually full time, Covid has trapped us in our RV for now as they are asking to not travel.

        That said back in the day when in the US we used a Visible phone, tethered it to a routed and had unlimited Internet for $25/month. Visible runs on the Verizon network. Our backup was 2 T-Mobile phones also with unlimited data. This worked very well.

        Once back in Canada options are pretty expensive. T-Mobile worked for the first 6 months but they were not happy about us being here longer. We use about 100 GB/month. Telus has a 50 GB for $85/month so 2 of those would get us the 100 GB is going to be our best bet for now.

        Starlink will be a game changer but not yet available for mobile use.

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