May Random Photos

May 18th  BOO  Hail     

May 19Drive to the outskirts of Sicamous, this guy hitched a rideStop to enjoy the view.  This drive taught us is route is the faster one to Salmon Arm.

on May 26th


The prairie dogs that had free reign of the mini golf area are now being trapped.  Hope they are being relocated.  We’re sad they were fun to watch.

Whoops – I posted instead of just saving the draft.  Wait there is more! LOL

Here I continue!

A first!  Watch TV on the iPad. We wanted to have a fire & watch the news, iPad hooked up quicker than the TV would. That’s my 🔥 god grabbing a flame!

May 27th – Rain rain go away.  What better way to spend a rainy day?   Nails all done for a bit!

That’s all for now folks!



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