Miniature Train Adventure, December 11, 2022

Here we go   

We have the best seats in the first car, the engineer is right in front of us.                        $3/ride lasts about 10m.

They ask you do not take photos on the ride cause the leaning to take photos may tilt the train.  I followed instructions and did not take any photos. We did walk the route after our trip…

Then on to our walk on the Yuma East Wetlands.  Spot the 3 white birds in photo 2?

“Rewards” in the Survivor shelter.  Next photo is the shelter as seen from the trail

Full disclosure!  We did not drink our rewards in the above photo.  Just thought it made a cool photo.

Here we are midway and truly “REWARD” time, spot them?Back on the trail, we see this train making its roundsCan you make out the words on the bridge?Ocean to Ocean Highway

There, in the distance a boat cometh, get a wave from the Captain

Day 11, calendars are getting a little light!  Allan likes his cerveza, I’m a wine fan so ya like mine

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