Monday December 30, 2019

Travel day, New Orleans to Henderson, Cajun Palms RV Resort

Under the overpass as we are reveals NOLA‘s tent cityCemeteries are big here, we see this one leaving



Some more sights..

This was one of our shortest trips from one place to the next, 2 hour ish and it is the largest park we’ve been in with 450 spots.

Cajun Palms appears to be emulating Caribbean resorts.  We get a wrist bracelet we can use to charge food, drinks, etc.  There are several really nice pools – not open now but still nice.  A HOT TUB that we ensure is open prior to booking here.  A hot tub is on my must have list. Taking  photos not so much so on hot tub photo yet.





What! The hot tub is not working!! Many trips to the front office and yet it is still not working.  We are pissed, this  is not a stress free zone  

Complain a little more and we’ll see how warm it is tomorrow.  Night all!

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