Monday November 5, 2018

Forgot to turn off our “go to work” alarm so are up early.¬† We both slept well so let’s get this day started.

Made coffee in Bailey for the first time ūüôā¬† while it is was¬†brewing Allan closes the slides or does he?¬† Nope it’s stuck open.¬† Panic??? A little.¬† A few moments of WTF and Allan uses the reset button and….¬† it closes. Whew RVing is so fun, never a boring moment.

Always wanted to visit Cuba…

We drove through lots of rain, will it never end? On the road for 3 days and rain each day. At least it kept the windshield clean.

Would you get fudge here??

Finally some sunshine

Todays trip from Eureka, MO¬†to Weatherford, OK was an 8 hour drive, much with heavy downpours.¬†Passed a 3 car accident that had just happened, OK we’ll slow down.

We’ve been overnighting at Walmarts so have a better appreciation for them.¬† We are surprised how¬†many others both RVers and rigs park in their lots.

Off to have dinner then some zzzsssss

HOPING the side closes in the morning.  Wish us good luck.

Night all!





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