October 20th

Today is search for next Winter’s campground day.

There’s one in Victoria we’d fit in but it is crazy expensive, the one that is reasonably priced is much too cramped.

We head up north to see what’s cooking…

First stop Living Forest Oceanside Campground & RV Park. Understand the living forest name now.  Trees en masse, translates to lots of falling leaves and worse than that sap on Bailey.   The roads are all very tight & tree-y, not Bailey friendly.  Not too sad Living Forest didn’t work out, cause next stop…

Jinglepot RV Park & Campgrounds.  Jinglepot, Jinglepot hopefully you are for us!! Love the name!   Sigh, this park is even tighter than the last one.  Perhaps we’ll end up back on the main land next winter.

Driving back, we see a sign for Rondalyn Resort.  Not sure why it didn’t make our list so believed we ruled it out based on their site information.  I say, “we’re here – let’s check it out”.  We are pleasantly surprised, it’s not squished looking and the road is paved.  Their mascot! There are 2 sites available, we check them out.  They are both very nice, we choose the one at the end of the road, (our current spot at the beginning of a road taught us).  This park permits wood fires!  The only issue is, the by-laws state you may only stay in the park for 6 months.  We need 7, OK we’ll find a 2 week park at either end of our stay.  Motor homes like to motor.  Normally you book your stay, here you must complete an application form. We’ll do that when we get back to Victoria.  

Allan and Megan build us a delicious dinner.  Mel & I supervise.

                  Then the moment we’ve been waiting for!!The thing I miss the most since selling our home.  Hot tubbing!

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