Saturday, August 17, 2019

Practice 930a and qualifying 1230p day. Yippee will be a fun day. 

We go outside and meet the new neighbours.  Turns out they are Sue & Larry Veach the super cool grandparents of Zach Veach driver of the 26 car.

There is a sever weather forecasted for about practice time, we naively think we’ll be good because the sun is shining.  On our radios, we hear the ambulance helicopter is caught in the weather.  Practice, regardless of weather, can not begin until the helicopter arrives.

We wait, 930 fast approaching no rain but still no helicopter.  We hear track events are postponed for 2 hours due to the pending rain. 

We venture over to the pits cause while the cars are not on the track the action should be in the pits. Still no rain or helicopter.  The skies are now beginning to look threatening. As we approach the cars are being returned to the paddock.  They finally announce the practice is cancelled. 

The drivers are leaving the pits, we snap a photo or Hinch & Hunter-Ray

None as famous however as this guy! 

In the paddock we see our cars,  Allan’s Alexander Rossi, mine Felix Rosenqvist

On our way back to Bailey it begins to pour, photo does not do it justice It slows down and we make it back relatively dry.  What’s that in the air!

This is the view from the stands Announce finally, qualifying cancelled as well but there will be a 2 hour practice beginning at 2.  Back to Bailey to watch but first we’ve decided to start a magnet collection for every track.  Pocono is the first…




Practice begins.

Click for the roar of the engines


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