Saturday, January 26, 2020

It’s walk to Mercadome Flea Market day.

It’s a 1h 50m walk which will help our FitBit daily step requirement of 10k a day.  We are in a  weekend FB challenge which is fun.  Want to join us?  Add me!

I love but there are several homes along our walk who house super vicious dogs.  Most of them are fenced, but still come lunging out at us, scaring the crap out of me. Yes, Allan giggles!We arrive at 1114a

First order of business?  Lunch!!

Entertainment while eating Band Some of the sights, I have to get better at location photos.

Another live band

Question is do we walk back or Uber.  We decide to have a rest while having a beer and walk back.  We enjoy a much needed hot tub when we get back!

End of the day step results,  Allan rules!​


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