Tuesday, January 28, 2020

We’re heading back to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. Not wanting to get stranded as we did on our last outing, we rented a car yesterday.  Allan was happy to get a Charger.  The grey matches Bailey’s grey.

We attend our 730a stretch class, shower up and head out.  It’s about a 40m drive, we arrive at the border about 10a.

Our missions today are 1) Get a Margarita/Beer 2) Mani/Pedi 3) Lunch 4) Purchase Winter Texan jackets.  I’d like to see a dentist but Allan is still reluctant so not on this trip.

  1. Margarita and Dos Equis Ambar purchased at Red Panty Bar
  2. Attend Erika’s Nail Spa Being pampered while enjoying a bevvy = priceless.  Hair salon in the front, manicure chairs in the rear.

  3. LunchI had catfish for the first time.  Delish!
  4. Jacket.  Allan is holding his 🙂  We could only negotiate $5 off per jacket but I got him to throw in a shot of tequila for each of us. All jobbies done we wander around for a bit then head back.

    Downtown Pharr coming & going, pick up and drop off of rental vehicle.

    Our new water filtration system arrived today, tomorrow will be installation day.Hot tub time, this was the sky, moon & star when we walked back.

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