September 10, 2020 – What were we thinking?

We booked our campgrounds for the entire trip prior to leaving Sutton.  We like to keep our drive times to about 5 hours knowing that likely ends up being 6+h.

Today’s drive, a whopping 1:52 minutes.  Oh well, it will be nice to have an easy drive day.

Wake up to……

NO, not snow but we each did a double take.

We leave at 1020a, 68,485k

We encounter much flatness and many walls of hay!  Speed limit, who came up with that number     

Nice, here we go again – Bailey’s GPS is telling us to turn down this road.  The bad thing about this GPS is, it doesn’t like to reroute.  It’s stubborn!!     Keeps wanting us to do a U-turn so we can turn here. 

Enlist the aid of Maps on my cell.  It know the road is closed and sends us back to Hwy 1.   Turn off Hwy 1 onto this road.  Photo doesn’t make it look bad but it was the worse road to date.  Everything shook, rattled – it was deafening.  I should have done a video.  

Not to be left out Maps is now telling us to turn onto private property drive ins.  The road ends,  Bailey’s GPS is saying turn right, Maps wants us to turn left.  At this point we have more faith in Maps but turning left doesn’t make sense.  We call Turtle Crossing, “turn left then we are on the right!”

We arrive at 132p, longer than the anticipated arrival time thanks to the crazy directions.

    Allan checking in.

The first park rule “Turtles have right of way”.  Makes us think we will see lots of turtles.  We are on the lookout.

All set up.

The tow cables after a bit dirty after that bumpy, dusty road.                         

                                 September 11 – Our stroll around the park.

No turtles spotted yet…  Allan is searching.

Beautiful sunset           

and fire   

Allan is much miffed…

NO gators in Florida or the Carolinas

No bears in Ontario

Road signs say:

Deer next (how ever many) km,  NO deer sightings

Moose next (how ever many) km, NO moose sighting

NO prairie dogs in the Prairies

And now these are the only turtles we see.   Disappointing.

Maybe we’ll have better luck in Banff National Park, they say it is home to 53 species of mammals.

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