Sunday, February 02, 2020

Turns out this is Super Bowl Sunday, and Groundhog Day and a palindrome day 02022020

Groundhog spoiler alert!  Canada   USA

We spend the afternoon at the practice jam session the park’s Rock & Roll is having.

Band members left to right: RK, Gilles, Cliff, Don, Mark                 They are fun! 😎

                                                                   The audience

The host is setting up a TV for Super Bowl fun but we really are not fans. We head home for dinner.

We record the Super Bowl to see our first liv-ish halftime show.

That done off to the hot tub.  Brrrrrr it can’t be more than 100.  Not for us, back home  watch the halftime show.   

Turns out I love @JLo more than I did that show. 

Next year!!

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