Sunday, February 09, 2020

Today will be explore day!

First, breakfast including a grapefruit.Much to my surprise the deformed grapefruit, pictured next to a regular size one, was delicious once again proving you can’t judge a book by its cover.

                                  Another of Allan’s mouthwatering breakfast creations! We discover we are sharing our space with ants 🙁



South Padre Island is about 30 miles long, running north and south and only 1/2 mile across at it’s widest point. It’s difficult for even me to get lost, my kind of town. This is interesting

We learn the town offers a free, yes free, bus shuttle service, Metro Island, up and down Padre Blvd.  There are bus shelters but it is more of a Wave service; wave the bus down and it will pick you up anywhere along the boulevard. 

Also learn, this was the place to be for Spring Break.  This year’s lineup, I don’t know any of them.  So glad we are not here for that.

We walk to the beach, it’s a dreary day but any day with no snow is good.

Like any tourist town this one is full of gift shops, very large gift shops.  After you’ve been in two or three you know what to expect.  The cool thing is you can rent a golf cart, and an assortment of funky vehicles. They are permitted to be driven on the streets.  We thought we may rent a jeep as you can take it to the undeveloped portions of the island and on the beach.  We rethink when we find out they want about $400 for 4 hours.  At home we can rent one for $40 a day.

We wanted to grab a drink and a rest, so much walking, we stopped into a restaurant but it was fast food  ie no beer/wine.  The helpful lady directed us to Laguna Bob’s, keep walking about 1 or so miles turn left at the Dairy Queen and voila!  It is her favourite bar in town but she wasn’t sure it was open on Sunday.  We walk and walk, no DQ but across the street Jake’s Restaurant & Bar, it’s open and has a patio. 

While sitting on the patio, Allan googles where Laguna Bob’s  is would have only been another 5 minute walk.  We finish our drinks (margarita wasn’t so good and no amber beer) and head out. 

Laguna Bob’s is a colourful place right by the water meaning the seagull are anxious to assist with your meal.   #margarita  being made  Tecate being poured

Some of the patrons. Who looks happiest to be here??

                                  Me!!Walk by a pizza joint, cute name  

There are many sand sculptures, such talent.​

Of course the water tower

Come home rest a bit. I love the tropical trees reflected in Bailey’s hub caps A little walk to the beach.  Yes that is Allan double fisting (OK not really, he’s holding mine so I can take the photo)

No swimming today, it has been red since we arrived.

Think you are required to pick up what shoots out.  Some one is watching!

The Birds, the scariest movie of my childhood still makes me clench my neck when in a swarm of birds like these This guy looks friendly enough cause he’s flying away from me.

After all today’s walking, sight seeing and stuff a well deserved cheers!

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