Thursday, March 12, 2020

Today is get familiar with the park and area.  Living in a virtual bubble, rarely listening to the news we were not prepared for the magnitude of what we would encounter and learn.

We had to chuckle at this sign.  How popular is Rick that they now required a “Rick doesn’t live here anymore” sign.

We see our first Walmart Marketplace store, that sells only groceriesEnter the store to what will become the reality for, anyone’s guess to how long this will last.

On this day…


Coronavirus response has reached an unprecedented level in the US. Here are the most critical developments over the last 24 hours:
• President Trump is suspending travel to and from Europe for the next 30 days. These restrictions don’t apply to American citizens who have been screened, or to travel to and from the UK. Airlines are scrambling to comply with the new rules.
• The State Department raised the worldwide travel advisory to Level 3: Reconsider Travel. It’s an official warning against nonessential trips abroad.
• The NBA suspended its season after a player preliminary tested positive for coronavirus. That makes the virus a concern for the rest of the league, given the close contact players and teams have had with this person.
• The NCAA is barring fan attendance for its March Madness tournament as a precaution.
• More major events, like the video game conference E3 and several of Trump’s public appearances, are canceled, while others, like Biden campaign events and the G7 meeting, are switching to virtual formats.
• Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced they tested positive for coronavirus in Australia and are seeking treatment.

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