Walk around town – March 08, 2024

We were going to go out for breakfast but couldn’t get motivated so breakfast turned into lunch @ Mabel’s Cocina.  Taco was so nicely presented; the first I’ve seen using a cucumber as a “bowl” for the mayo & lettuce.

The view from the top

Pelicans galore!     

Click & zoom to the left of the sailboat on the photo, to see LIVA O, the 118 meter (387 ft), $250 million yacht owned by Stephen Orenstein. Annual running cost $15 – 25 million

Walk on…..

This guy is calling us in for bevy time                                                Who are we to say “No thanks”  In we go…

So cool encountering Iguanas.  Although people used to eat them, it is now illegal throughout Mexico to kill them, they are nevertheless still sought after as pets. Aside from humans, iguanas have few natural predators; however hawks and owls will attack the smaller ones.  Their life expectancy is 20ish years.

For the discerning buyer, we offer, have your choice of either.  Act quickly!!

2 thoughts on “Walk around town – March 08, 2024”

  1. I want to be a 20 year old lizard in the sun 🙂

    Nice boat…. I should look at getting one :p

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