Tuesday, August 20, 2019

810a leave time today, km 54,930.  Thought we’d get an earlier start cause I woke up/got up at 415a.  Maybe a little excited?  Allan awoke early for him, 5ish.  Being on vacation rules rarely any urgency to do anything.

Super narrow roads leaving but not as bad as coming.  No gravel roads leaving 🙂

Been awhile since we’ve travelled narrow lanes,  NOT Entering Indiana even though I can’t go back there Next home town?



View from the back of Bailey as I pour coffee.





Approaching Terre Haute getting cloudier and cloudier

Look at that Rain-X at work!

Neither rain nor rain or rain will keep us from the Indy race!

Stop at Krogers for groceries.  No photos, my much loved, vintage iPhone is not water resistant.

Make it to KOA, set up in the pouring rain.  Bought a rotisserie chicken so no Traeger tonight,  Pouring!! Wish the photo would depict the downpour.As the rules state…Had the delicious rotisserie chicken and wonder of wonders the sun is out.  This is me working on the blog, outside NO rain Walk around the park and find a rental teepee

Fire time but how do you uninvite sweat bees Allan is doing his best to let them know they are not welcome.

Our first Fire with added colour, perhaps a waste of 1.29US which = 19.99Cdn, but we are loving it.

Goodnight all





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