Monday, January 13, 2020 Donkey Race Day!

Can the day get any better?? 

Donkey Race Event, haven’t a clue what that is….

but first the runners Allan ordered, based on our DIL, Megan’s recommendation arrived.

Can’t wear them outside so will wear them to exercise class in the morning.  Yes, we are participating in those classes! 

        Donkey Race time!

Red, the gentleman, on my left takes us under his wing and teaches us the rules. We look rather bored but we really aren’t!

Rules = .25 per bet, must bet 2 – .25 (50) per race on donkeys 1 thru 6.

The jockeys for this race Allan is returning after collecting our winnings – notice his clenched fists?Between the two of us, we won 5 out of the 6 races.

Walked away with a cool .50!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Buy replacement water filters so we can stop buying jug water for coffee.  The closest RV supply store is an 1h36m walk.  We accept and off we go.

We are searching for a bar to break up the walk but no luck.  We arrive at RV Service Center in Alamo TX and buy the filter.  We learned in some parks you need a sewer donut so we get one of these as well.  Our friend, google will teach us what to do with it.

We head back and try a different route hoping for a bar.  No luck!  We do encounter 2 rather mean dogs at separate residences, grrrrr

We do see this interesting tree, thorns galore

Back home,still smiling!

Friday, January 10, 2020

We wake up to wicked wind.  Maybe the windiest we’ve ever experienced. We are anxious to go to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.  We have inquired and are assured this is a safe crossing unlike the Reynosa which everyone says is very dangerous with the Cartel ruling.  In spite of the high winds we head out.  We’re such adventurous troopers!

Our @lyft driver is informative during the 32 minute drive and introduces us to a free watch TV  app Pluto.  He watches TV between rides with it. We ask about a ride back from the border, he assures there are many cars, both Lyft and @Uber in the area available.  

We are dropped off at the bridge.Proceed across it unaware there is pedestrian toll and an attendant anxious to take your money.We cross the bridge

We’re in!We didn’t have breakfast so first stop is lunch.  We walk along the main street and settle upon Red Snapper Restaurant.It’s happy hour!  2 for 1 Margaritas ya me!  Allan has the boring Dos Equis Amber and no happy hour. I had the best cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped shrimp ever.  Allan had the stuffed pepper came with the traditional beans and rice.  I made the better choice! I even convinced non fish eater Allan to try a wee bite, his comment “It’s not horrible” high praise from him when referring to fish.  

The facilities are as bad as the food is good.  The ladies has a door so warped it doesn’t close completely and never mind lock.  Allan wondered what the extremely low door knob was aboutWe stroll the streets and view the many vendors offerings.

And of course, the required flamingos!Who’s that handsome cowboy??

The only thing we bought was a little bottle of vanilla for .95.  We did compile a list of things to get on our next visit including getting a mani/pedi.  It’s approaching 3p, still very windy, we decide to head back to avoid the lineups to get back to the States. We cross over with almost no line up.

Back in Texas Allan opens his Lyft app, zero cars available – Uber, zero cars available. The wind is blowing us silly. The video doesn’t do justice. IMG_1420

What to do now? We are avid walkers, Progreso TX is about an hour walk which would be OK but it’s along a flat sandy highway.  You can’t see far it’s so sand blown, sand gets into our eyes.

We continue our road side deliberation, a Toyota Sequoia driven by a sole woman makes a U-turn and comes back to us.  “Need a ride?” she asks, Allan “You a Lyft or Uber? “No, but it’s good I’ll take you where you are going”.  We’re not sure, do we or don’t we get in.  Why would a lone woman pick up a road side couple? Allan decides.. “OK thank you”.  We engage her in conversation, turns out she just dropped her son at the border for orthodontic braces tightening work.  Her husband owns Apple Dental  They make it easy to get there. Even if you are timid in crossing the border they have you covered! We Are Located Behind the Mexican Exit to the United States. If safety is your concern, we are located next to Mexican Customs. While entering Nuevo Progreso at Mexican Customs, just turn to your left. We are located in the plaza behind customs next to HSBC Bank.” 

Miriam was our guardian angel!  She delivered us back to the resort and didn’t want to accept payment.  We insisted, she finally accepted when I said to buy her kids something.  Such a sweetheart!!  

Me showing off the sun I got today despite of the awful wind, maybe because of  With this corny joke I bid you good night!



Thursday, January 09, 2020

We took yesterday to familiarize ourselves with our new 30 day home.  Head to the gym this morning.  We’re impressed with how much there is to do here, woodworking, stained glass, euchre,  shuffleboard, pickle ball, golf, clown classes even and so much more! This is just the exercise schedule.  I’m miffed I forgot my gym clothes but will make due with what I did bring. 

We explore outside our gates.   Most parking lots have this type of security camerasI’m pretty happy, not only is there a grocery store, H.E.B with an interesting history within walking distance but there is also a yes wait for it!!  Dollar Tree!! where everything is still My FaceBook feed includes Tropic Star is on an old orchard so there is an abundance of orange and tangerine trees and although I do not have a mason jar on board I am happy to go to the aforementioned Dollar Tree to purchase one.  Stay tuned for the “how does it work report”

Dinner then off to the hot tub.  Have to get a photo of it. Hoping to get to Mexico tomorrow. 

Monday, January 06, 2020

Travel day! Bye bye Cajun Palms and the cold hot tub.  Didn’t get to hot tub last night, unlike what I predicted, it was too cold.

Today’s destination – Camp Walmart in Victoria, TX 

We know we are on the correct route when the highway narrows and there is no shoulder

Hum, Best Hookers in town

The photos do not depict the height of this bridge.

We cross into Texas at 1140a.  We rarely get the Welcome to sign.  Got it now! Picture 2 & 3 are behind the welcome info centre.

Houston off in the distance.  Sure hope we don’t make a wrong turn and end up downtown.We avert downtown, ya! Head  towards Victoria. Traffic has been real good but what’s a trip without,cars cars cars!We make it to Walmart get our supplies.  What a deal on eggsThis is what we learned at Walmart today  Back to Bailey to unload. We are pretty excited to call our kids.  They live in Victoria, BC   We are anxious to say “We’re at the Walmart in Victoria, do you want to join us?”  We don’t fool Kyle but we got Megan (a bit)!

Chinese for dinner then off to bed…


Thursday Jan 2nd & on wards…

Thursday all day:  Rain, rain, rain.  There is no drainage, big puddles are everywhere.  Still no hot tub 🙁   We amuse ourselves with games of crib and even workout in the gym!

  Rain but then… what’s that about 1pm? A few more showers then about 4 it starts to dry up.

We check out the hot tub, YES the heater is on.  We resort to self-help and up the hot tub temperature.  We are hot tubing tonight!!

Saturday & Sunday!! What a difference a day makes!  The sun is out and although windy we much prefer this weather.  Yes we get to hot tub.  We leave tomorrow morning.

Resort photos.  First on is the famous hot tub!

And the work out kids!

New Year’s Eve Day & Night

We’re intent on a quiet day including a hot tub session or 2, see a trend?  Still cold!  BurrrrrWe’ve complained so often likely no point in continuing.  But wait what happens at noon???Now we really feel old but what the heck! Off we goIt has been so long since we’ve played we were impressed with the new fangled cards This is mine for the washout round.  Didn’t win this either.

Cajun Palms is having a gala tonight- you have to buy a table we think we are more

For those of you hosting remember

We did but our gorgeous kids didn’t We have no idea what this is yet or the magnitude that will come  – today, China alerted WHO to several cases of unusual pneumonia in Wuhan, a port city of 11 million people in the central Hubei province. The virus was unknown and becomes knows as Coronavirus COVID 19.