May 08 – Travel Day

Destination = Sicamous KOA, which is really in Malakwa.  The same town, where a bear attack took place on the 4th.  Will Allan get his wish and see a 🐻?  I hope not!!

Allan gives Bob a mini bath to get the tree stuff off. 

We duck a Jeep in the park.  Our 35th ducking! 

Nice day for the short drive.   On the road again!!

Sicamous is an adaptation of a Shuswap language word meaning “river circling mountains”.Interest facts:  Sicamous is the Houseboat Capital of Canada, with more than 200 houseboats for rent, Sicamous is a top destination for people who want to adventure while afloat in a houseboat. Sicamous is a resort town about halfway between Calgary and Vancouver and is the eastern gateway to the Apple Country having 341 km (212 mi) of shoreline.

Onward to Malakwa, we’re here!  Our host, Leola was not happy to see us.  Apparently the office is closed 11a – 2p.  We arrived at 1130a, oops

Edit to add:  Leola told Allan about the park’s bear, they named Beary, apparently he was quite the nuisance in the Fall.  Goody!!

Glad we didn’t know.   

Sign at the office entrance 

Bailey waiting patiently as Allan is back there unhooking Bob. 


All set up!  Neither the carpet or flag have been used in a long while.  Site 85 is very long, wide and tree-y             

Allan’s happy place, axing & firing       

We added this to the fire and it worked!



May 07 – Tall Boy Day

Today is an exciting day for Allan.  His favourite beer, Hark Rider, is now being canned as tall boys.  Up until now, you could only get growlers or crowlers.  (A crowler is similar to a growler in that its purpose is to keep your beer as fresh as possible between the time the bartender fills it and when you decide to open it.  The growler is available in 32 & 64 ounce sizes, while crowlers only offer 32 ounces)

Donnie, Freddy’s Pub Manager, gave Allan a can to test.  Great graphics!  Allan deemed it refreshingly delicious!  Now he’s sorry he didn’t buy any.

I came upon this site, CanIBinge  It tells me the show we are currently binging could be watched in a week if…  Funny!

Sad, we finished off the chocolates.                 We need more!!


May 06 – Distillery Day

Love the amount of daylight

We start the day with errands.  One of which is getting Allan’s growlers filled.  Will be the last fill for a bit as we are heading north on Saturday.  I, bought another bottle of Ginger Matcha Tea Infused Vodka just in case it wasn’t available further north.

Stop at Great Canadian Oil Change to get Bob’s tires retorqued.  Have to do that for Bailey’s tire as well, hoping to do that on the way to Sicamous.

It’s now Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery time. 

We do the tasting, your choice of any 3 items on the menu.  We choose Amber Whisky (we all know how much Allan likes Amber Beer, any guess how he liked this?) John, our host was very informative and entertaining.  Next I try Barrel-Aged Family Reserve Gin.  Just cause I haven’t had gin in… forever..  Barrel Aged  It’s OK but not buy worthy for us.  Allan’s choice is Canados good but not on our buy list. 

My 3rd choice Raspberry, Allan’s Cherry cause he loves cherries.  It’s good but no where as good as the Cherry Liquor Kyle brough back from the Ukraine.  Notice the plates on the car, 1932 Ontario 🙂

We leave with…   

Fun time!  Looking forward to our next distillery.




Enterprise (sales,parts,service) RESORT weekend

It was a good night, busy Hwy 97 is directly in front of us but we both slept well.  It was fun watching the various vehicles go by.

Didn’t do much, just went for a little walk and played games.

Dinner was delicious Keto pizza.  Toppings: Allan’s pulled pork, hot pepperoni, cheese, tomato sauce.I found Allan a new amber, Thirsty Beaver, to test…

Allan is liking it.  We also found another amber… Faxe  Love the description…  “Golden amber colour with a fine mousse; aromas of bacon bits, medium toasted malt and orange peel notes; very creamy palate with dark malty flavours on the finish.”  Allan is liking this one as well, surprise it was  .20 off a can & the can is larger than other tall boys.

Then a wow sky!

Sunday, May 02nd

Allan’s favourite pub and brewery, Freddy’s is within walking distance.  40m walk – we decided today is the day we walk there for dinner and of course Hark Rider!

Dinner was delicious, we are sharing Dirty Fries & The Cheesy Spicy Chicken.  Yes I had a Hark Rider 🍺 as well.

Enterprise told us they would need only one day for our service and fixer up stuff.  We think it would be at least 2 days so are planning our days away from Bailey accordingly.

Monday, May 03rd

Stay away from Bailey day.  Not knowing when Bailey will be done we didn’t book another park until May 08th.

Doris told us boondocking at the SuperStore in Vernon is available, we are heading there to check it out.   Next we’ll drive to Swan Lake Resort to check their availability, we stayed here on the way to Kelowna in September.  Yes, we can stay till Saturday.  We still think Bailey won’t be ready in one day so aren’t booking.

On the way to Vernon, I spot a park off to the side, looks nice perhaps we can stay ther for a few day.  Problem is I don’t know what the exit is  We’ll pay attention on our way back.

Turns out it is Kekuli Provincial Park.  We park at the top of the hill, turns out that is part of the rail trail. There in the valley is the park.

We hike down and are greeted by this fellow…At last!! Wildlife even if only a ground hog.

It is a beautiful park, even if they think they must warn you!

We think Bailey may be too large for the camp roads.  We drive in Bob to check it out.  It’s a long, very bumpy road in.  We, try to make it work but decide it isn’t worth the stress of trying to fit.  Most sites do not have hook ups, none have sewer.

Next up Great Canadian Oil Change, Bob’s first oil change and tire rotation. 

Next stop.  Orchard Park Mall.  Allan desperately needs new running shoes.  The Sketchers he got about a month ago just aren’t cutting it, and the OCs are worn.  Out with the old         

In with the new,  New Balance, that is.All this done and it still isn’t time to head back.  We head to Milestones, who carry Rickards Red on tap.  We  haven’t heard from Enterprise all day.  Is that good or bad?

Time to head back.  More than surprised…. Bailey is ready!!

Enterprise is good about letting us stay another night and let us keep Bailey here while we do a Costco run in the morning.  Then Swan Lake for 4 days.

Our last night   

One of the items noted is the inside passenger tire is leaking.  Like Allan thought!  They do not have the equipment to check and their tire guy is booked solid.  This is the same tire Love’s flagged but then when they took the tire off couldn’t find anything wrong last May on this post just before crossing back into Canada.

Set up at Swan Lake, site 147 the same we had last time we were here.  Super easy in & out.   

We have road side assistance.  Allan calls and we are covered, they pay for the service call, labour and if we need a new tire for that.  Not included is the valve stem extender.

KalTire was here before roadside called us back to say they were coming!

Meet Tom, our tech, just laying around…

   Click here  Tire off                             Tom determines it is a leaking valve.                             We see the existing one bubble.  Replace valve

                                  Click Tire on         

Allan asks Tom what the best tool is for hime to check pressure.  Tom gives Allan a thingy!  Allan doing his check.   Tire pressure gauge works well.

Tire back on   

Because inquiring minds want to know… we ask how much the call would have been.  $200 service call, $190/h labour.  We’re pleased all it cost us was the $15 for the valve.   We now would strongly recommend KalTire.

And he’s off, bye bye