Tuesday, March 03, 2020

We head out for our walk to find alligators, again!  They say, where there is water there is an alligator.  Allan keeps hoping we’ll see the resident alligator, it’s supposed to be 6 feet long. You’d think it would be easy to spot.

The ground shuffleboard area is empty so we decide to give it a go.  We don’t know the rules, scoring or which side of the disc is up.  We each attempt using the 4 discs – woohoo I get +10; Allan -10.  We decide we should read the rules.

Onwards we go,Still no sightings 🙁

Monday, March 02, 2020

Today’s highlight!  We move sites from A15 to A18.

A18 is a nicer site in that we look out at grass not the very close neighbour’s stinky slinky.To make this minor, move over change, we still must put everything away, close the slides and retract the jacks.  We carry the Traeger, stand and chairs. We drive round the block and into our new spot.  Now have to unpack the dishes, open the slides, drop the jacks.  It took about 50 minutes.

Allan is determined to see an alligator, so off on our daily walk to the pond’s lookout.

None here Nor here

Alligator fun facts that will amaze.  Allan has decided if he has to come back as an animal he’d choose an alligator.

Lesson of the day!  Our neighbours arrive with their “toad”.  A vehicle that is “towed” behind an RV.  He detaches the toad and walks to the front of his RV not noticing the toad starts rolling back.  We weren’t at our site so missed it but we’re told it started off very slowly then gained momentum and crashed into a pick up parked across the street.  Issue?  When you tow the vehicle must be in neutral, he forgot to put it in park.  His wife was none to impressed as it is her vehicle and it’s still new.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Monster Truck day!!!

Don has another client coming at 1, Allan decides we’ll go over and watch his run then Allan will go.

Excitement rules! First walk the track to learn where to goNext sign your life away…

Suit up, climb on board.

Instructions under way

And Allan is off…

Per tradition, drivers sign the truck.

Next stop

Meet another sweet character!​

Last fire for a bit, next park doesn’t allow them.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

This is a cute park; no pool or hot tub but paddle boats, corn hole and other games.  The major attraction however is, Radical Racing!  What’s that?? You drive Monster Truck!

Start the day with a tour of the park.  This is the smallest camp we’ve stayed at with 24 sites.  Getting our 10k daily steps will be challenging.

Vonda, the park’s fabulous owner hooks us up with free fire wood and a mat for outside Bailey.  Some of the other campers.                      The resident horses

Caution! Some of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Michael

Vonda stayed, in her camper,waiting out the storm for 8 hours.  Must have been, beyond terrifying.

The neighbour loads his vehicle on this contraption and hauls his 5th wheel. Would love to see them on the roadMore bunnies 

This is the Monster Truck.  Vonda tells us we should have a chat with site 13 as they have  driven already.

Site 13, aka Joan walks by our site and fills us in on what to expect.

This, barely there lane is named!

Viewing Bailey from above lane

Hangman tree.  Now on the real quest! Remember no wine at Walmart.  Google spirit stores, one each way on the highway but the walk is 45m and looks scary with no sidewalks.  Maybe the Love’s  on the corner, across the street carries wine. First we encounter side of the road boiled peanuts.  Will pick some up on our way back.

At Love’s, “no” they do not have wine only beer.  The associate says there is a spirit store 6 minutes down the road – 6 minutes walking?  Oh no, driving.  We say we are walking, she says “I’ll get my GM, Bob, to drive you.”  “No, we’re good”  She gets Bob, “sure” he says, we say again “no it’s OK we don’t want to impose”  “No imposition, I won’t mind getting away for a bit”  Off we go in his shining Jetta, aka wine mobile!!6 minutes down the road is the spirit store but….  it opens at 11a and it’s only 1045a.  We say it’s OK let’s go back – no there is another spirit store Bob knows will be opened.  Off we go, this one was another 30m out.  We feel bad for putting Bob through this but it was interesting learning about his Love’s employment.  Such a good family owned company to work for!  We get there, make our purchase which includes this big guy Bob even drives us back to Bailey. Gotta love small town people hospitality!

We have dinner 

Then a fire 🙂Tomorrow will be road side, boiled peanut run and better yet Monster Truck drive day!




Monday, February 24, 2020

Travel day to Cottondale, Fl.  We crossed 4 States in 1 day.

Water everywhere

First state Louisiana,  second state Mississippi,  And then!!  More water        Alabama (missed welcome sign)   This is #LoveDowntownMobile

Oh no!  Coming up too quickly a tunnel, the George C. Wallace Tunnel.Allan dislikes tunnels as much or more, than I dislike narrow bridges. Allan “Are we too high?”  My thought is – if it’s not marked we fit.  A tractor trailer races to the tunnel.  We know we are good.  Turns out, no concern required!


We made it through! Next up FloridaThe Welcome Center is huge! I thought one of us took a photo of the building but apparently not.

Allan gets to update our travel map as it’s Bailey’s first time in Florida.StatesSome excitement on the road.  Not captured in the photo but the guy is in handcuffs and there is a sniffer dog at the back of the “suspect” vehicle.

Starts raining at 118p.

Allan’s preferred cruising speed is 65mph – best fuel economy.  It is, very strange, when an escorted wide load passes us.

We stop in Chipley’s Walmart to stock up. on produce and wine.  We take note of the “No Over Nite Parking” sign.  This is the worst Walmart we’ve ever been in.  Little produce, many empty bins, no wine, they did have beer which we didn’t need.  Plus side – we got a rotisserie chicken for dinner.

15 minute drive from here to our next stay, HitchinPost Corral and Campground RV Park.

The road in, still raining

Love the entrance.

First rain set up 🙁 

Set up almost complete; still raining so flag out tomorrow.


Saturday, February 23, 2020


It’s Mardi Gras Parade day!

Back peddle a bit these are the actual boiled peanuts

But first must share the story of our across the road neighbours.  The gentleman comes over to say “Hi Mary-Ann” Me; deer in the headlights!! Him sensing this, “You don’d remember me”? Oh no who is this??  Fortunately he didn’t string us along much longer and revealed he saw our Follow Us lettering viewed our blog and therefore though it a perfect opportunity mess with us.  Which he did perfectly!

I was so frazzled I didn’t catch his name. Meet again, this jokster! says his name is Whitney (turns out Whitney Houston clouded my name judgement) his wife’s name is Michael or you know, Mike. I never heard of a female Michael, him messing with me again? Next day, a TV show I’m watching,  one of the female contestant’s name is Mike. Now I’m more confused, Whitney are you messing with me AGAIN 🙂

Back to the parade!​

Forth coming casualty!!!


Got the goodies!

Hot tub then fire time. Fire

“Would you like different awning colour”   “Yes that would be nice”

Whoops not to be…  where the heck is that sweet spot!

Awning 1 – Allan 0  lol   Allan did get them to turn off.

Friday, February 21, 2020 – My birthday!!

Wake up to dark and chilly conditions!  We’re in Ponchatoula. Where is this warmth they speak of?

Find this awesome card in my email

Then this wonderful voice mail.

Weather is co-operating today.  Looking out of a side window

Difference a day makes.

Today’s treat! Never before had boiled peanuts, aka caviar of the South.When we find something new we think share it with our kids but whoops our DIL, Megan is allergic to peanuts.  We are not trying to make her ill.

Google search = can we cure her??  If so, we can all go to Big Bad John’s  next time we’re in Victoria.  Taste is similar to mashed potatoes.

Allan made a super spicy, delicious wing (my favourite) dinner.  Should not have gobbled it so quick as no photos. 

Ended the day at the hot tub.

Another birthday done.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Unfortunately, the forecasters were correct and it poured and poured today. It woke me up at 335a.  All day it fluctuated between showers, heavy rain and torrential rainfall.

We passed the time playing crib, (Allan was today’s champion) and snacking on a #OhSnapPickles    

Puddles and mini lakes galore.

Just for fun…  Accurate for Allan & myself 🙂

Allan is enjoying the “Amber” beer selection availableWe did make it to the hot tub 🙂

Forecast is better for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.