May 08/22 – 2nd visit to Princeton.

Meet Bud, the keeper of the trail

Where Rivers and Friends Meet, Princeton’s slogan. This is where the rivers meet

Weyerhaeuser Saw Mill, we took a little break to watch these guys

Walked a little more to get our “rewards”

2 rivers become 1 from a different angle

Our last fire here

May 9th Heading to Kelowna Day

There were 2 RV’s in the park, the other one left and there was just us! Can you spot the 2Bs?

The drive

Our “resort” for a couple of days to get our annual service done. Fingers crossed we can get the replacement windshield organized in time.

Our neighbours!

Quiet bunch 🙂

Exploring Princeton, BC May 07, 2022

Princeton the town that (click for the story) flooded in Nov 2021, so incredibly devastating, such remarkable comeback.

Welcome to Princeton

Some of the interesting stuff… Stairs! Tried to convince Allan to go up them, wasn’t very successful

Flying what ???

Fire fighters!

My ChooChoo Conductor !!

Heading to

the tunnel built in 1961

Destruction: Mother Nature giveth and taketh.. How much strength is required to wash away a portion of this bridge??

T’is beautiful. Truth be told, this is where we enjoyed our rewards 🙂

Tunnel goes through the mountain

Takes 3m49s to walk through the tunnel. Aren’t we dorky to time this!! Must admit I love this photo, makes me smile

Back home

05/06/2022 Hwy 3 from Hope to Hedley

Hwy 3 is a twisty, turny, highway. Many warn again taking this route yet here we are.

It is beautiful, but there are some “oh shit” moments that keep the heart healthy

Not snow, what is it?

BC has many of these. This one looks more torturous than most

Here we are! Only 22 sites, should have thought that through a little more. We’re #19, note you can come but you can never leave!

Steps from Simikameen River, The beach. Who the heck would swim in this water

Never, almost, a dull moment… We were going to visit Hedley tomorrow but were told there is a Covid outbreak. We will opt for plan b Good night…..

On the road, again :) May 03/2022 to Hope

Goodbye to Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Rondalyn

Hello travel our old friend!

Waiting for the ferry to whisk us off the Island

Our whisker arrives.

Sad the kids won’t be close. 🙁

Many ships including a tug, tugging train cars

This is the “Silver Muse” as seen from the ferry

This is Jack Point, we hiked all around this on Feb 07th ..

Had a fun ferry trip. Had breakfast on board “Coastal Bennies” then found a corner to call our own to play cards

Back on land heading to Hope we hear what sounds like a gun shot or a rock hitting us. We see no evidence, something to check out when we stop.

Fuel stop. What do our eyes behold, F)&k

Oh well, what can you do except curse “F)&k dump trucks” See the mountain in the reflection

Our home for the next few days, Coquihalla Campground Site 59

May 4th – Explore Hope Day… We are closer to downtown than we knew which is fun.

A little cloudy and the Coquihalla River, steps from our site

First stop on our walking tour Canyon Glass to show them photos of our owie

Size wise it may be OK to just repair the chip, (chip has to be smaller than a loonie), but the spider cracks make it not doable. How now to arrange a windshield replacement?

Enough of this thinking stuff, off we go to explore Hope. It’s a cute little, sleepy town with lots of wood carvings, here’s a sampling

Not sure why they have a carving of Rambo…Fast forward to tomorrow when, on our walk we figure it out. Interesting 🙂

Our walk took us past Rolly’s Restaurant. BC’ers will remember how often they were in the news for their stance against vaccines, masks, etc. No, we didn’t enter.

We get in a much needed, FIRE!! The fire pit in our last Rondalyn visit was too tall to enjoy a fire

Finish the day with eating our 2nd to last made in Nanaimo, Nanaimo bar.. Delicious

Almost Goodbye Vancouver Island May 02, 2022

We had fun spending our last Island weekend with Kyle & Megan. Dice, cards, delicious steak and Caesar salad, and fun, fun fun.

Sunday, May 1st we watched an Indy Race. An exciting race but POOP, Allan’s driver finished ahead of mine.

Monday, May 2nd our last trip to Nanaimo. Like so many others days, this one starts off with pouring rain. I’ll not miss the rain and gloomy days but will miss the many great places we visited and friends we made in the park.

We take ourselves to, of course, the waterfront. We love it there. We drive by the Petroglyph Park, stopping hadn’t work out – this time we stop.

Took all of about 8 minutes to see it, but we did.

Off to the habour front… From the highway we see a cruise ship. We haven’t heard anything about one arriving yet here it is. We walk towards the ship, no extra people – where is everyone??

Meet the “Silver Muse” Read about it here Now we know about where the people are.

A harbour front visit must include a visit to the W.E. Ricker. These are the photos of our first viewing of the Decommissioning of the Canadian Coast Guard offshore fisheries research vessel CCGS W.E Ricker, and today the last we will see.


Will share the entire series of photos on a new post. Stay tuned….

Yet another water plane off to Vancouver, 20 minutes and you are there! We should have done that for a few day getaway. Next visit.

What’s a walk, without a reward? Non-existent… Spot Silver Muse in the background?

For at least a month, a nearby gas station, had a large felled tree, we since have learned it 260 years old being carved. We’ve never saw the carving in progress, stopped to day to see it. Simply WOW!!

Great day!

Protection Island, BC April 28, 2022

We wanted to visit Dinghy Dock Pub on Protection Island. They are seasonal floating pub open Thursdays thru Sundays 11:30am – 9pm. We’re almost leaving Nanaimo so today was the day.

The ferry, is a little one not run by BC Ferries. It is a 10m ride. We took a quick walk then returned to the pub 🙂

That done, it’s time to walk the island…. Gotta love the real estate agent who secures the domain name.

There are some super nice homes then there are the others. It is a little junky.

Spotted this deer, thought it was a statue then it moved. How did they get on the island?

The beach, accessible when it’s not high tide

This is the beach access that is no more

Need the mileages

Allan with “Boo’s” cousin

Wouldn’t you love a plane parked on the side of your home?

Hum, jokers on the island…

When arriving by you own vessel, you will likely enter here…

Skies over Nanaimo look a little mean

Well, that was close!

Our return ferry trip from Protection Island was interesting. There were too many people, we were there early, missing the previous ferry by 5 minutes so made it on. T

he Captain assured the remaining passengers she would be back as quickly as she could. Pulling into the Nanaimo dock, a fellow passenger says “FIRE” , smoke was beginning to billow.

The Captain asked we all quickly disembark, we were all happy too.

We felt bad for the people waiting both in Nanaimo and PI.

We hung around for a bit, the ferry wasn’t going nor did the other ferry that was in PI come. Poor stuck people, for once it wasn’t us stuck! And, we made it almost home before the rain started.

Home safe and sound!!

Most of April 2022

April 12, 2022 Goodbye Rondalyn! 6 long, cold, rainy, snowy, did I mention rainy but still filled with fun and many adventures months Bailey is motoring again!

First fuel! Think we both had near heart failure with the per litre price, 239.9. Had to authorize the pump 3 times to get satisfy Bailey’s thirst.

No one ever said RVing was for the faint off heart so off we go…

Oh my, we did not sign up for snow. What were we thinking heading north??

No snow on the ground here 🙂 Site 41

This is us, here

A tree welcome! It’s happy to see us!!

Just steps from the beautiful Straight of Georgia

Our first of many fires in the pavilion. You are not permitted to have fires on your site but fine to have in the pavilion and Cape Lazo supplies the wood!

April 13th our first trip to Comox. We approve!

April 14th A walk on the beach

Walk deserves rewards. Spot them ??

April 15th A little bit of a scare… Arrived at North Island Hospital at 1130a left at 555p What a day!!

All’s good even got to “duck”! No, that’s not BOB, just a close relative

Good night

April 16th – In coming, it’s a big one

April 20th Day 1 of the Snowbird practices consisted of four planes. They come to Comox every year to practice before heading to the various air shows they participate in.

April 21st Rainy, rainy day but who cares when you start the day with a delicious breakfast followed by a campfire in the Pavilion

Pesto Eggs Delish

Fire time is all the time

April 22nd This fellow got a “bird’s eye view”

So fun watching them practice and SO loud!

There they go, end of another session

April 23rd Good morning Comox!

Birds are not happy with the weather change

Here they are and there they go!

Fire time!

April 24th Meet the neighbours. Kind of quiet, love them

More birds, more fires. Snowbirds were out too, thought you saw enough of those photos, fires however never enough. 🙂

I thought the coffee pot was leaking. Would have been a cheaper fix. Always fun, not really. A leak from ????

Apr 26th First 2 photos leaving Comox, 3rd Ladysmith

For those of you following the demise of the ship today’s photos after being out of Nanaimo for 2 weeks.

Much liked reward after our Nanaimo harbour walk

End of January 2022

Well silly me!   I had this done then didn’t publish.  A little late but it was fun for me to relive the end of January 🙂   February & March’s adventures are posted on my FB page so if you aren’t already a friend send me a FB request.   

Jan 16th – Fun trail, we didn’t get lost for a change…

Jan 28th – Woohoo Allan WON!! Worth the Nanaimo Frosty Stepping Challenge.  Much fun, and we go to parks we would not have gone to. 12 locations (all Parks within Nanaimo), 12 clues for the location. Once there had to find a QR code which gives you a word. Once you have all 12 words, unscramble them to find the correct phrase. My guess was “PARKS RECREATION AND CULTURE LAUNCH ACTIVATE 2022 WITH OUR PARTY ON JAN 1ST” we were then placed in a draw and Allan won. Woohoo. Allan is with Deborah Beck with Nanaimo Parks Recreation and Culture.

   January 19th Nanaimo Waterfront walk

Jan 22nd.  Today’s adventure

Yep reward time!!

My Sweetie!     

We waved  they waved backed 

Here’s me! 

The walk back   

Then another elk sighting 

Jan 23rd 

January 24th  

Jan 25th 


January 1-15, 2022

January’s weather is anything but stellar, so far.  Rain, snowstorms, tsunami warning, and very little sunshine.

Some of the highlights…

January 06th, wake to a crazy amount of snow for the Island  



Poor Bailey and Bob!     

And then there is this course! January 09 – A day of sunshine!   Off to Neck Point Park for a little dip and hike 🙂









Then off for our first hike with our Christmas present walking poles from Kyle & Megan

Beautiful scenery and glorious sunshine

Such hard hiking deserves our reward! Yum!Look close at the following 2 photos….   BUBBLES, big bubbles

Here on the hill, in the white hat is the Bubble Lady.  She’s hold a bubble making wandLook at these hardy souls, not even wearing scuba gear.  BRRR

Here’s Allan ready to soar with the bubbles…

A few more bubbles and a bird flying to check them out (click on photos to enlarge)Home to a fire to wrap up this, beautiful day

January 15th – D’rive back from our Kyle’s visit!  Rainy, foggy

First photo is from Kyle’s deck, fog galore, then rain, rain

Every visit I want to stop at the Malahat lookout but the weather never cooperates.  Today we stopped to these images         

Absolutely breathe taking…  what is that 2nd blue planet?

Home to a fire, the best way to end a day!

Today’s funny (or is it funny??)


January 01, 2022

We made it to 2022. It’s not looking like it will be much better than 2021, covid wise. Let’s all hope for the best.

Poor Bailey, poor us for having to navigate the stairs! I’m concerned about chipping away as it may break something in the steps.

Melt soon!!

We are kicking around various BC destinations for when we leave here, no solid plans yet. It is always an adventure.

For now, let’s just plan today! Allan comes up with a visit to a museum Debbie told us about; Hand of Man Museum. We are not huge museum people but this one sounded interesting, and it’s open 365 days.

How can one person accumulate so much stuff!

While roaming we encountered the founder Jim Shockey. Quite the guy, he spoke of how having such a museum had been his dream since he was 10 but realized it was out of his grasp as they were poor and lived in a trailer park. This is proof, again, never give up on your dreams.

We had no idea who this is. Turns out he is “a Canadian outdoor writer, a professional big game outfitter and television producer and host for many hunting shows. Born: December 20, 1957″. He is pretty interesting.

It was a fun visit and may require a return visit.

For certain, if you are in the area this is a must see!

Cheers!! 🍷🍷🍷