Saturday, February 08, 2020

We are leaving Pharr today and heading to South Padre Island for seven days. First pick some grapefruits.  The humongous, deformed one will likely not be good but don’t have the heart to leave it behind.

The day starts off with lots of clear skies and sunshine.

We pack up, say our goodbyes to the wonderful folks we met. Circle check done close the door AND the stairs do not retract.  Allan does the fuse check, all good.  A google search advises checking the sensor – Allan does, stairs now retract.  Off we go at noon, 61,169 k

Not long into our drive we are held up by road construction.

On our way again, we are taking the scenic route which is well, scenic.  To add to the excitement, we take a wrong turn but quickly u-turn and are back on track.

We spot portions of the wall that separates USA from Mexico. 

More wind turbines.  Doesn’t Allan look like he’s fully concentrating? In the distance, South Padre Island.

We were told about the “Queen Isabella Causeway” to the island; it is more spectacular and much longer at 2-1/2 miles, than we thought.

This is what the Stop when Flashing sign means. Only a few more minutes till we are at Isla Blanca RV Park, our first State Park.

                        We hear the dreaded GPS announcing No we didn’t!

We see an entrance gate with RVs on the other side.  That must be it!  It is BUT first you must check in at the white building 3 crosswalks back.  “Can we park on the side and walk back?”  “No, make a U-turn”. U-turn made, drive back and enter the building to register.  We say we drove by the first time and had to circle back.  Their response “Lots of people miss it”.  You’d think they’d put up better signage then!

First site they gave us was so narrow we couldn’t open our large slide.  We tried, Allan giggled and wiggled Bailey to make it work but just couldn’t. We walk back to the office to see about getting a different site, but they are so booked we doubted we could.

They find us one option!  Lucky us, it was right by the washrooms we don’t use.  Get set up, plug into power, no power!  Allan calls the repair dude who arrived quickly and had us working.  Tomorrow will be more fun!


Wednesday, February 05, 2020

We awake to a warm morning, 66F  Sweatshirt not required to walk to stretch class but I wear mine anyways.  Allan doesn’t.  It’s getting windier and windier.  Stretch class done, now at aerobics.  Instructor says how the weather is changing.  Class done, now it’s 55F, Allan has extra pep in this step walking home.

Temp stays at about 55 all day, zero sun. Sharon & Ron, our neighbours are coming to Costco with us today a good inside thing to do.  The ride is appreciated because we have to get Traeger pellets

Finally! Sharon knows about the birds on the wire, they are Grackles!  It’s amazing how many sit on a wire and they return nightly.

The Grackle gathering reminds me of the scariest movie of my childhood, The Birds

We have some unexplained, very itchy bites.  Sharon to the rescue again, they are Chiggers  Some thing are better to not know!

Off to hot tub.  Hoping for a milder day tomorrow as it’s block party night. Night all!


Sunday, February 02, 2020

Turns out this is Super Bowl Sunday, and Groundhog Day and a palindrome day 02022020

Groundhog spoiler alert!  Canada   USA

We spend the afternoon at the practice jam session the park’s Rock & Roll is having.

Band members left to right: RK, Gilles, Cliff, Don, Mark                 They are fun! 😎

                                                                   The audience

The host is setting up a TV for Super Bowl fun but we really are not fans. We head home for dinner.

We record the Super Bowl to see our first liv-ish halftime show.

That done off to the hot tub.  Brrrrrr it can’t be more than 100.  Not for us, back home  watch the halftime show.   

Turns out I love @JLo more than I did that show. 

Next year!!

Saturday, February 01, 2020

This should have been added last month but here goes:

Allan trades police badges so on Friday, January 17th we walked to the Pharr Police Station  After a rocky start trying to tell the receptionist what we were there to “trade badges” not “train badges” we leave in defeat.  We make it a few steps out the door when she comes dashing out.  “Wait! Trade badges, come back and I’ll get you an officer that does trades.”  Yes, it’s a real thing!

We wait for a bit and through the door comes the Assistant Chief of Police with 2 badges and a challenge coin  Allan made out very well!  The New Orleans badge we broke down and bought, at the police station there because the trading officers were in another division and we didn’t want to walk there.  As happy as Allan is when getting new badges to me it means I get to sew them on Allan’s cub blanket.

But wait!  Our neighbour, Jo, is an avid sewer and is happy to sew the new badges on.  YAHOO Jo!!! Thank you!!!I figured out the tree next to us that doesn’t look too healthy is a grapefruit tree.  I cut one up that was on the ground and it is so juicy and tastes delicious.

The fruits are mainly out of my reach so I enlist Allan’s help

Grapefruit for breakfast!

Today’s Allan project.  Swap out the outdoor entertainment radio.  The current one doesn’t turn off.  Allan did the research and determined the $19.67 Walmart radio complete with blue tooth capabilities will work size wise.  OK here goes!  The much researched, totally organized, tool box springs into action!Allan’s at it!  Removing the kaput radio.A little bit of panic sets in for me, way too many wires!Me of little faith, Allan reconnects the new radio

Installed and we are listening to Sirius


Allan does!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

We’re heading back to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. Not wanting to get stranded as we did on our last outing, we rented a car yesterday.  Allan was happy to get a Charger.  The grey matches Bailey’s grey.

We attend our 730a stretch class, shower up and head out.  It’s about a 40m drive, we arrive at the border about 10a.

Our missions today are 1) Get a Margarita/Beer 2) Mani/Pedi 3) Lunch 4) Purchase Winter Texan jackets.  I’d like to see a dentist but Allan is still reluctant so not on this trip.

  1. Margarita and Dos Equis Ambar purchased at Red Panty Bar
  2. Attend Erika’s Nail Spa Being pampered while enjoying a bevvy = priceless.  Hair salon in the front, manicure chairs in the rear.

  3. LunchI had catfish for the first time.  Delish!
  4. Jacket.  Allan is holding his 🙂  We could only negotiate $5 off per jacket but I got him to throw in a shot of tequila for each of us. All jobbies done we wander around for a bit then head back.

    Downtown Pharr coming & going, pick up and drop off of rental vehicle.

    Our new water filtration system arrived today, tomorrow will be installation day.Hot tub time, this was the sky, moon & star when we walked back.

Saturday, January 26, 2020

It’s walk to Mercadome Flea Market day.

It’s a 1h 50m walk which will help our FitBit daily step requirement of 10k a day.  We are in a  weekend FB challenge which is fun.  Want to join us?  Add me!

I love but there are several homes along our walk who house super vicious dogs.  Most of them are fenced, but still come lunging out at us, scaring the crap out of me. Yes, Allan giggles!We arrive at 1114a

First order of business?  Lunch!!

Entertainment while eating Band Some of the sights, I have to get better at location photos.

Another live band

Question is do we walk back or Uber.  We decide to have a rest while having a beer and walk back.  We enjoy a much needed hot tub when we get back!

End of the day step results,  Allan rules!​


Friday, January 24, 2020

Alarm goes off at 625 – we like to be at the stretch class by 7ish to walk around the ballroom (where the class happens) it is in the largest “floating ballroom floor” in Texas.  We do not know what a floating floor is, google to the rescue.  Stretch class every weekday at 730a lead by Nancy- followed by aerobics M-W-F at 815a.  Our FitBits and challenges are clearly our motivators.  Always need new FitBit friends. Add me!

Most days are OK but Fridays after the exciting Thursday are, well, challenging but yahoo we make it there. Return for a much deserved breakfast!  Allan’s breakfast tacos made with jicama shells, super delicious with just the right heat

We let it ferment a little longer but it is here orange peel/vinegar cleaner day! 

Much to my surprise it works well as a cleaner!  It removed bird poop I’ve tried to remove on our plastic table using  Dawn, Comet and much elbow grease.  Anxious to evaluate it as a bug repellent.

Sitting outdoors, look up!  It’s Woody!

Look at those legs! Good night funny

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Happy, great weather!And the birds, still there.




A walk around the park

We went to a potluck Banana Block Party last Thursday, didn’t realize it was a weekly event.  The weekly host displays the “banana” frame to alert others where the bash is being held. Bananas are a lovely group of people who make us newcomers feel welcome.

After the bash, Thursday night means!!  Card Bingo!  We’re still having fun even though we, nor our partners win anything!

In the hot tub by 915p.  We meet 2 guys from Winnipeg who tell us about a local flea market   It’s a mere 1h50m walk. We think we’ll walk there and Uber back.

Adventure time tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Super dreary day, no sun and although the weather app shows 66 it feels much colder.  Not Newmarket cold so not really complaining, the oranges on the other hand have the right to complain.

Tuesday is Rock & Roll at the clubhouse, starting at noon – 11 if you want lunch.  I remember when events started at 9p. We’re not old enough for a noon start…..yet!

It’s good but not as good as last week so we bail at intermission and head to H.E.B to stock up on groceries.  NO, this time it is not code for liquor!!

Birds are ALWAYS perched on the wire outside of H.E.B.sI will not post the photo of the sidewalk under said wire!

Allan’s not looking happy,  why???He’s attempting to figure out the US tax form to get back some the 30% tax we had to pay on our slot machine winnings. The IRS doesn’t make it easy.

Enough of that to the hot tub we go….

Monday, January 20, 2020

Today’s screw search takes us to @Lowes 

First, our morning stretch class, step outside, oh boy it’s so cold.  This is the temps in both F & C.  Our Northern friends will not feel bad for us…

but this is what we have been used to since arriving in Southern Texas We have breakfast then off to Lowe’s.

Success!  We find the correct screws, Costco is next door so we pop in to exchange a pair of jeans.

Heading back we make a stop at On the Grill and I enjoy a margarita, Allan is pleased they have Michelob Ultra Amber on draft. The words behind the bar match our flag.We head back, prepare and enjoy dinner.  The hot tub didn’t work over the weekend and as it’s still chilly I suggest we walk over clothed so ensure it is heating.  Yes it is, but after walking there I decided I wasn’t up to changing and heading back.  Settle for watching TV wrapped in blankets.